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VoIP Business Services is a very real need today. The benefits are staggering. Why offer VoIP now to your small to medium sized business clients?

Offer VoIP Business Services to your existing hosting clients.

Offer unified communications services to all your hosting customers starting with your current clients. Add advanced voice and video communication to your existing consumer client, meaning an increase in average ROI, an enhanced revenue stream, and enhanced market differentiation. VoIP Business Services can help your small business grow. VoIP enables your small business phone service to be more effective, efficient, expandable, and integrated into your everyday business communications. It can dramatically increase productivity while minimizing your telecom expenses.

VoIP can also play a significant role in enhancing the selling scenarios for your VoIP hosting resellers. Let’s say you offer a hosted service that already has SIP trunking and IP telephony capabilities – what else do you have to offer to entice new clients? Add to that the possibility of integrating your scalable, flexible, managed IP PBX system with our scalable, flexible SIP trunking solutions and you have a winning combination. That brings to mind the other advantages of VoIP – easy integration into any existing telephony solution, multi-path routing, automatic connection to the carrier service, unified communications and so on.

We at RingCentral, Inc., have been using VoIP to deliver consolidated communications capabilities to our valued clients for more than five years. In fact, our hosted IP PBX solutions are enabling our clients to implement unified communications with their own in-house PBX providers, thereby substantially reducing operating costs. In most cases, VoIP telephony services are provided through a virtual PBX system that is integrated with high-speed Internet and email systems. We have found that providing hosted IP telephony services also helps us address two very real concerns most businesses face: lack of sales and productivity and a lack of relevance. By migrating to a unified communications solution that includes our scalable, flexible, and flexible SIP trunking solutions, we have been able to build an organization on the foundation of solid communications technology and continue to realize tangible results by improving productivity and increasing sales.

A major advantage of VoIP is its unified communications capabilities,

which means you will no longer need a dedicated infrastructure to operate your business. Unlike POTS networks where the entire organization must use the same IP network, VoIP utilizes a dedicated infrastructure for voice traffic and data traffic. This allows you to scale up and down as required without any negative impact on service, support and other resources.

Another way VoIP Business Services can help your business is by reducing or eliminating the cost of managing voice and data. This is because all of your calls will be routed to the same IP address instead of to a specific phone number. Your IVR can then automatically route calls in an appropriate manner to maximize business productivity. You can also eliminate or reduce the cost of managing a list of contacts or managing voice mail by leveraging our auto-responder system and hosted email groupware solutions. In addition, we offer the functionality to manage voicemail, faxes and email groups from anywhere using an Internet connected PC or even on your smartphone. Now you can connect to anyone and everything at any time with just the touch of a button.

One of the things that customers often don’t recognize is that there are actually two separate functions needed to run a successful communication process: the PBX and the unified communications services like VoIP telephony services. The difference is simple – a PBX provides call answering, voicemails and faxes, while a VoIP solution takes care of all the aspects of IP telephony such as voice, video, conferencing and web integration. This way, all of your incoming calls can be routed by your VoIP business telephone system, reducing or eliminating the need for a third party call center. And voice solutions provide unified communications services such as e-mail, VoIP telephony, VoIP video, remote access and other IP-based unified communications features. Because all of these functions are delivered through the same IP infrastructure, your customers will never experience a difference in quality.

  • If you’re looking for competitive advantages in both VoIP service delivery and sales management, then hosted Pbx systems are the way to go.
  • There are many different kinds of hosted PBX services available including soft, hosted, public and dedicated.
  • Soft hosted PBX systems are generally less expensive than on-premises PBX systems because they do not require specialized equipment.
  • When it comes to resellers, soft hosted systems are highly preferred. And when it comes to virtual PBX services, the virtual PBX services offered by RingCentral have proven to be highly effective.