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Learn more about Chocolat by watching these YouTube videos. Then make plans to visit our wonderful Chocolat Shoppe on Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas, where you'll get a luscious, free sample of our hand-crafted Liquid Center Chocolate! Or, if you just can't wait... order any of Our Chocolates ONLINE and have them shipped directly to you!

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Monday - Saturday, 10 - 6
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Visit Our Store

When visiting Fredericksburg, Texas, be sure to come by our Chocolat Shoppe at 251 W. Main St. Open the door to the intoxicating aroma of chocolate. We have truffles, colettes, creams, silk fudges, nut clusters, barks and caramels. ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! Stop by and sample our delicious treats and see how our Liqueur Pralines are made.
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Imagine perfection manifesting itself as rich, dark chocolate caressing your taste buds.
As the delicate shell gives way, the pure liquid flavor essence cascades into your mouth.
A small sigh escapes your lips. Your body relaxes and suddenly you remember where you misplaced your smile.

"I’ve just eaten an Expresso Liquid Praline in Chocolat. The rich chocolate with just the right sweetness has given way to an explosion of intense coffee. I close my eyes to savor the flavors with what I know must be a grin of delight. Whatever I expected in Fredericksburg, it wasn’t European quality chocolate. As odd as it sounds, Chocolat is the sole American producer of confectionary process known as Liquid Praline (liquid center chocolates). These aren't the mass produced injection-filled chocolates Americans have been eating for decades. Lecia Duke studied under a Swiss master Chocolatier to learn how to create a thin sugar shell which is then filled with luscious flavors ranging from Expresso to Texas Orange Liqueur. The filled shell is then enrobed in rich, delicious chocolate. Although noted for these delicacies, the store also sells fudge made of two ingredients – chocolate and cream. It is the best fudge I’ve ever tasted."
- Neala Schwartzberg, editor of "Off Beat Travel"
and a member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association


Photograph by Katherine Page for Maranon Cacao - "Fortunato No 4 Cacao Pod and friend"

Chocolat / Quintessential Chocolates, maker of the fine chocolate confectionery process known as Liqueur Praliné (liquid center chocolates), has available a limited quantity of the rare 'Pure Nacional' bean chocolate from Peru – called Fortunato No. 4. Pure Nacional, a rare variety of the cacao bean, long thought to be extinct, was recently discovered in a remote canyon in Peru. In 1916, disease struck the Pure Nacional trees in Ecuador, where the trees were thought to only exist, destroying 95% of the trees.  News of the discovery of Pure Nacional trees in Peru has set the chocolate community a buzz with excitement since announcement of its discovery in January 2011 in New York at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE).  This product was genetically verified by the USDA Sustainable Perennial Crops Laboratory in Maryland.World Pastry Team Champion Franz Ziegler and his colleague Paul Edward of Chef Rubber said, “In our combined 50 years of working with chocolate, we have never tasted flavors like this.” The Pure National Fortunato No. 4 variety of chocolate is a rare mix of 40% white beans and 60% pure purple beans in the same pod, and in some cases, purely white beans.  The result is a chocolate with a remarkably unique flavor profile. Chocolat / Quintessential Chocolates is currently one of only two national companies (and the only one in Texas) to sell this particular brand of dark chocolate, which made headlines worldwide at its re discovery and is considered by chocolate aficionados to be superb. Chocolat / Quintessential Chocolates ( will offer the limited supply chocolate until sold out.


Our Spirited Collection includes Amaretto Liqueur, Chocolate Liqueur, Crème de Menthe, Cutty Sark® Scots Whiskey, Double Chocolate Vodka, Irish Cream Liqueur, Kentucky Bourbon, Paula’s Texas Orange Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Spiced Rum, Tequila Rose Strawberry Tequila and Tennessee Whiskey. Our signature piece, Tequila D' Almendrado, is unique. It is the only liqueur praline to have a progression of three distinctive flavors: first Almond, then Tequila, and finally Chocolate.


Our Wine Filled Selection originally included California Cabernet, French Cognac, Australian Tawny Port and Raspberry Wine, but the line has expanded to include several private label wines. These include Cabernet Sauvignon, Port, Spiced Red Wine, Orange Muscat and Muscat Hamburg from Fredericksburg Winery plus the Strawberry Wine and Blackberry Wine from Poteet Country Winery, both Texas Wineries.


Contrary to the original thinking regarding the liquid center process, it is possible to create this product without the aid of liquor; we have been doing it since 1993. Our Non-Alcoholic selection includes several coffees and fruit nectars: Cappuccino Coffee; Southern Pecan Coffee, Espresso Coffee, Mesquite Roasted Coffee, Peach Nectar, Cranberry Nectar, Black Cherry and Raspberry Nectar.


Quintessential Chocolates, makers of exquisite liqueur praline or liquid center chocolates since 1984, have expanded their line to include the Connoisseur Collection of distinctive liquor filled chocolates. We invite you to have your drink of choice enrobed in a rich dark chocolate that bursts in your mouth, blending the chocolate and the liquor in a new culinary taste sensation.

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Tequila Almendrado is Back

A taste of Mexico wrapped in a fine shell of rich dark chocolate. Crema de Almendrado Tequila is a sipping tequila specifically brought from Mexico for our chocolates.

Experience the layers of flavors: first the creamy almond, then the tequila and finally the silky chocolate.

Love, Chocolates and Jack - Seaside Lifestyles - Doc Lawrence, January 30, 2009

Her chocolates are arguably a confectioner’s miracle. “Everything is made with love,” says Duke. “This is a happy place to work, and since everything is handmade, there is a personal connection with those who get to enjoy the chocolates. Everything,” she adds, “Has to be beautiful,” a reference to the hands-on process and the original design employed for gift boxes. “I knew that being a architect would be handy someday,” she says laughing, “If everything isn’t beautiful, it doesn’t leave the store.”

Gift Boxes

At Chocolat you can create your own selection of handmade gourmet chocolates. Choose your favorites - Truffles, Silk Fudge™, Colettes™, Creams, Caramels, Turtles, Nut Clusters, Barks, and our specialty, Liquid Center Chocolates, in Spirits, Wines, Nectars and Coffees.

Private Label

Our Private Label Program has been well received by wineries, distilleries, corporations, and prestigious hotels nationally. This is due primarily to the process maintaining the integrity of the rich dark chocolate shell while preserving the distinctive taste characteristics of the wine or spirit within. Private label products have included a variety of wines: Merlots, Zinfandels, Ports, Muscats, Muscadine, Chardonnay and Dessert (fruit) Wines. Private Label Spirits have included Sake, Special Reserve Rums, Single Malt Scotches, Flavored Schnapps, Vodkas and Grappas, exotic spirits and custom blends.